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V1.1 released

Major feature in this version is "Multi site".

Originally Q2A can share users table in multi sites by QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX in qa-config.php. This feature allows for single-sign-on across multiple QA sites.

In PowerQA V1.1, access privileges for each user has been added to this feature. In this feature, you can section management of the company or organization. For example, anyone can access the main site, only privileged members can access privileged site. Of course, by disabling the access privileges, you can run multiple sites for each major category.

Added variable in qa-config.php:

    // Array key   : table prefix of each zone
    // Array value : access permission default
    // $QA_MYSQL_ZONE_MAP=array(
    //     'pqa_' => true
    //    ,'pqaz1_' => true    // for zone1
    //    ,'pqaz2_' => true    // for zone2
    //    ,'pqaz3_' => true    // for zone3

Other, many issues of Q2A and PQA have been fixed in V1.1. And, PowerQA downloader has been also improved.


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