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  • webmaster2116
  • Vanbells1063
  • Jonatan183
  • islamafify82
  • ProThoughts79
  • yerbol8966
  • gurjyot singh58
  • JackSiro38
  • Funrunna26
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New face

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  • webmaster664
  • Vanbells229
  • ProThoughts56
  • gurjyot singh30
  • islamafify21
  • yerbol8917
  • JackSiro12
  • Jonatan11
  • Funrunna6
  • Steven6

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Top voter

  • Vanbells165
  • Jonatan159
  • webmaster122
  • yerbol8937
  • ProThoughts24
  • islamafify24
  • gurjyot singh19
  • JackSiro12
  • Funrunna8
  • thuansb4

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Best responder

  • Vanbells10
  • webmaster8

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webmaster(2116 points)
Vanbells(1063 points)
Jonatan(183 points)
islamafify(82 points)
ProThoughts(79 points)
yerbol89(66 points)
gurjyot singh(58 points)
JackSiro(38 points)
Funrunna(26 points)
SEIKAKU(15 points)

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