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V1.8.4 released


  • Wait timer of meta popup plugin has been changed from 1000ms to 500ms.
  • Tab order has been changed in user ranking block of dashboard plugin (Monthly is first).
  • Default block order of dashboard plugin has been changed.
  • CKEditor updated from V4.5.6 to V4.6.1.
  • Default skin of CKEditor has been changed from moono to moono-lisa.
  • Default option of CKEditor plugin has been changed (Max file size: 1M => 2M, Display max width: 200px => 600px).
  • Button variation of standard mode of CKEditor has been optimized for mobile.
  • Editor style (CSS) file has been added.
  • Drag and Drop image upload feature has been added.


When we upload multi images with D&D feature, JS error is displayed on brawser console. However, upload action is processed in correctly. It might be bug of CKEditor. I reported this issue to the CKEditor development team.


by webmaster asked Dec 16, 2016 in Announcement
by webmaster recategorized May 17, 2017

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