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Gravatar feature is broken?

Why it is not showing my Gravatar on profile page. Looks like it is not fetching from Gravatar.
by ProThoughts asked Jun 18 in Core

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1 Answer

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It seems to be shown correctly now. Gravatar server may have been down (under maintenance?) when you confirmed.


by webmaster answered Jun 18


No, it is still not showing on PQA. I just checked Q2A and it is showing there.
It's about this site, right? If so, your gravatar is shown correctly on my PC. I think you have already done, but try to clear your browser's cache.
Yes, I'm referring about this site. Looks like it is picking up wrong gravatar. I cleared cache, history and tried in diff browsers. it should pick below gravatar
I think it is adding extra char here on pqa.

This is my gravatar

If I remove last chars it is working fine.

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