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What do you think category and tag of Q2A?

From the previous, I was feeling unnatural categories and tags of Q2A. Previously, gurjyot showed Discourse to me. But I did not understand its meaning at the time. However, now I can understand it. And, Amiya made a blog plugin for Q2A. However, I seemed his approach is inappropriate for community tool. I think development approach of Flarum is better. It is category and tag.

I want to consider taking in the architecture of Flarum to PowerQA.


by webmaster asked Aug 28, 2015 in Core


I just saw Flarum. It is new to me but it resembles discourse a lot. I am familiar with discourse. It has similar architecture to Flarum at first glance. The architecture of both are very good.

Also there is a project called lampcms
Check out  their tag and category system
Yeah. As methodology to equip it into PQA, it is conceivable to add "POST-TYPE" field in first post.
I believe such a feature is highly needed.
Your idea of a post type too  is brilliant. Post-Type field will allow us to introduce blogging and discussion functionality into q2a and not just ask or answer a question
The ability to discuss, is good for all communities.
@Vanbells. I didn't see this earlier and I've mentioned blogging in a reply to you on a recent Q of mine. I agree that it is a necessary requirement these days.

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