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Performance tuned

Core javascript performance

Javascripts in qa-content were compressed with Microsoft Ajax Minifier. The size of the scripts has been reduced by more than 50% in this changes.

  • qa-admin.js => qa-admin.min.js
  • qa-ask.js => qa-ask.min.js
  • qa-page.js => qa-page.min.js (Dirtyforms scripts merged)
  • qa-question.js => qa-question.min.js
  • qa-user.js => qa-user.min.js

Base theme performance

Javascript and stylesheet of Base theme were compressed and merged.


You will be able to confirm by viewing HTML source code with your browser. <head> section has become very simple. And it has been reduced some server requests.


The default layout options in admin panel have been changed. If you want to overwrite the existing site, please disable the options below.

"Admin" > "Layout" > "Custom Javascript in <head> section of every page:"


by webmaster asked Oct 15, 2015 in Core

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