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Stress (Load) test

I want to do stress (load) test by a large amount of data.

For exmaple ...


  • 10,000 threads
  • 5,000 replies
  • 5,000 registered users
  • 10,000 views per thread
  • 1,000 votes per thread
  • 1,000 votes per reply
  • 10,000 tags
  • etc

Check points

  • Performance (Display Speed of several pages) by DEBUG feature. e.g. XXX mili seconds 
  • View (Display state of several pages). e.g. XXXXX threads, XXXXX views, XXXXX replies
  • etc

My hopes

  1. Do you know useful test tool?
  2. Since I will add a lot of feature,  someone carry out this test?


by webmaster asked Oct 20, 2015 in Others

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1 Answer

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Hello, I will do the testing,

Stress test will be done both local and On Production.

I have a live site of Q2A with the following stats

12, 557 questions,

10, 952 answers

2, 029 comments

8,969 users

I will try and run the test with tools and normal users also

For the testing tools, here are the best of the free ones

What do you think?
by Vanbells answered Oct 20, 2015
by webmaster selected Oct 20, 2015


Thanks Vanbells. Your site is very good.
Today, I added "Point Trade Pro" plugin.

And, I will add more 5 plugins.
  Private Site (=Closed Site)
  Extra Question Field
  Infinite Ajax Scroll (?)
  Notification Pro
  Hyper Accelerator (Offline cache included)

Probably I will be able to release V1.0 after 2 weeks...
Please test at that time. Of course, please do it in safety local environment.
Thank you so much.
Okay I will do the testing as soon as v1.0 is released
Automatic test tool

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