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Improving safe mode.

Hey safe mode is really a fantastic feature especially for debugging.

Something funny happened when I was testing.

I had put the site in safe mode and all plugins were not loaded and theme was on base as expected.

I left and came back later.

I had totally forgotten that the website was in safe mode.

I went to admin->layouts looking for my favorite widget ask box, nothing found!

It took me about 30mins to realize that I had actually placed the website in safe mode and hence all plugins/widgets were disabled. I felt silly and funny at the same time.

Moral of the story:)

There should be a constant notice at the admin panel alerting the administrator that the website has been placed in safe mode. This is similar to the notification you get when you go to admin-->general and select put site in temporal maintenance.

It will be a very nice feature for webmasters that really forgets

I must say safe mode is really awesome.

Also maybe later we can have an option in admin panel where one can turn on/off the safe mode feature.

Best Wishes


by Vanbells asked Aug 21, 2015 in Core


Certainly that's right. I will consider displaying similar with "maintenance mode".

About "Safe mode" option in admin panel:
Since this is used when admin panel does not appear, it may be subtle. This is related "Plugin Switch" feature. I want a little time for thinking.

Great thanks!
Issue is fixed now

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