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Quick installer

This feature might be come true in the next version. I want to develop high-speed installer. We can install WP / Q2A / PQA with 5 minutes. But, in fact, a few hours requires for customizing and installing. When we include learning time, required time will increase. Many CMS have this problem. It is not limited specific system.

My plan:

  1. Start installation widzard [2015/12/04 done]
  2. User input some informations [2015/12/04 done]
    (1) Information for passing user authentication by distribution server
    (2) Information for connecting my database
    (3) Information for making SuperAdmin
  3. Download zipped source and dump files [2015/12/04 done]
  4. Unzip source files [2015/12/04 done]
  5. Import perfectly tuned database dump [2015/12/12 done]
  6. User select some options (e.g. theme color, other settings required for operators)
  7. Import categories, tags and post-types from CSV (or JSON?) [Reference]

Q1: What do you thing?
Q2: Do you know a system that has achieved this?



by webmaster asked Nov 18, 2015 in Others
by webmaster edited Dec 4, 2015

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Personally I think this feature will be very good for end users who just want to get started running their business without having to meddle in any kind of installer issue. It will be a very good feature business wise.

According to my reasearch, the closest I can think of are

1. Softaculous

2. Installatron

3.Simple Scripts

All the above applications follow the same processes.

User input

a hosting information

b. server information for db connection and creation

c. Allow user to customise site and then start the installation.

The best tutorial that can give you some ideas on implementation of such a feature is WAMP DEVELOPER PRO WEBAPP AUTO INSTALLER




by Vanbells answered Nov 19, 2015

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Thanks. I will investigate these systems. Ideally, it is desirable that the customers who purchased PowerQA can start own site with 30 minutes in worst case. If user skips options, it should be 5 minutes.

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