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EQF (Extra Question Field) plugin has been enhanced.

Point1: Question (Thread) list supported.

So far, the extra field values could only be displayed on the question page. In new version, you can also displayed in question list.

Question list:

Question page:

Point2: Field preset pattern supported

In the field edit screen of the management screen, it is possible to read the preset files, you can set the field for a specific purpose field with one click. Now, preset files is the following six types (English-3, Japanese-3 types). You will be able to customize customer's system easily by increasing patterns.

Option panel:

Preset patterns:

  • attachment-en.json: for attachment field (English)
  • attachment-ja.json: for attacjment field (Japanese)
  • stamp-en.json: for stamp field (English)
  • stamp-ja.json: for stamp field (Japanese)
  • status-en.json: for status field (English)
  • status-ja.json: for status ffield (Japanese)


by webmaster asked Jan 19, 2016 in Plugins

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