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Question list layout changed

  1. Vote buttons moved from left to right side
  2. Answer count moved upper of vote
  3. User roll hidden in case of movile device


by webmaster asked Aug 29, 2016 in Themes


I feel user profile should be on right and stat (Answers, vote, views) should be on left site. This gives quick info about question, instead of looking to right side. I feel giving priority to question stat is more important than user.
I can understand your thought. Q2A was born as a clone of stackoverflow. Indeed, in a global QA site, questions priority would be higher than user. However, PowerQA is used as intranet system in the company or organization. In this case, priority of the question and user is same. Rather, the priority of the user is higher than question. And, question is told by the user. I believe this arrangement is natural.
Ok, got it. Why not keep left or right option in admin panel. Let admin decide.

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