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Hello, this q&a script looks great!

Let me ask you some basic questions

1. Where can I download or buy this script?
(recommendation: put a big "Download" or "Buy" button at home)

2. Does it have a team behing or only one main programmer?

3. Is there any admin demo available?

4. Does it allow to translate to my own language?

5 How good is in terms of SEO?






by rolo asked Dec 1, 2016 in Program

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Thank you for your interest in this system.

1. Unfortunately, basically this system is not yet available for personal use. It is offered to customers as SAAS / PAAS service. Customers can not refer / modify source programs.

2. There are many sales partners and customization developpers in Japan. However, there is only one main developer (it's me).

3. There is no demo site for super admin.

4. In order to translate ...

  • Method1: Becoming a sales partner.
  • Method2: Becoming a development partner (condition is very strict).

Translation work is huge. Probably it will take months for that work. Before we allow you to translate, we need to check your development skill level. The most important thing is a relationship of trust with you

5. This system can be used as a public site on the Internet like Q2A. However, it is expected to be used mainly as closed site for companies and organizations. Therefore, because importance of SEO is very low, it has not been developed yet.

Thanks again.


by webmaster answered Dec 1, 2016

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I can be a development partner to help you with translations of Kiswahili which is used in East Africa. There is also need to have a blog plugin.

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