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Suggested adding box questions and discussions on all pages

Suggested adding box questions and discussions on all pages in the site for smartphones to be visible for visitors and raise questions and discussions and interact with the site

See examples
by islamafify asked Dec 15, 2015 in Themes


Your images are a bit blurred
Yes his image is blured because he is making all the focus on just Ask a Question button. That's what he is trying to show.
I mean add Fund question on the pages of questions even be clear to visitors rather search page asking the question
I get it now. I think this is important. These is mostly a theme issue so base theme will be modified to show the ask button boldly on mobile.
Thank you

I am eager to install PowerQA on My site

Question and answer
This feature has been added to the development plan following this discussion and it will be made available soon
Thank you for your efforts

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