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What do you think of Flarum, the new forum software

Hello everybody, today I just found this new forum software name Flarum. It apear to be very new and is currently in beta. The look feels like Discourse, but it's powered by PHP and can be used with a shared hosting.

Here you can see more details:

by Sasuke asked Aug 28, 2015 in Core


Good solution. I know FluxBB. I am Japanese translator of FluxBB. Franz is good guy.
I saw this thread.
There is a lot of things that we should learn in here.
Franz will it very worried. I think if engineer like Franz exist in Q2A, Q2A did not decline.
Wow i just checked out flarum.
I think it has a great start.
We can learn a lot from it

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1 Answer

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traslate to spanish

hola yo lo he instalado en
esta en desarrollo . me parece muy complicado y lo brinde como alternativa
yo me quedo con Q2A
no tiene ckeditor toca con comandos ![] ( img .png ) asi los usuarios se aburren
by SEIKAKU answered May 28, 2017

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