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Im testing Powerqa on localhost little issue with site icon in page header.


A user download and successfully install PowerQA

then proceeds to admin->layout->show site icon in page header

then proceeds to upload an icon image.

user does not enter the width and height of icon image

After saving, icon image is uploaded successful but breaks header design, See Image below

This is not an issue per say as it can be solved by entering correct dimension of icon

standard dimension includes

16x16, 32x32, 64x64 ------>

In my opinion, the site icon in page header should have default width and height equal to the Avatar size on user navi which is 24x24 default or should have a default standard size of 16x16, 32x32, 64x64.

Currently, the default height and size of the icon image in page header is equal to the height and width of image uploaded if both x and y values for the image are left blank as seen in the snapshot.

Proposal: there should be suitable default x and y value for any image uploaded which a user can then change later if they do not like.

example at Admin->users->Avatar size on user navi:  has a default size of 24 which can then be increased or decreased as one wishes. This should apply to all icons, images etc. There should be a default but changeable size.

This is important because the success of any software depends on its percentage usability and functionality with zero modification after first install. In simple words. It leads to good first impression on first install and usage with user having to modify as little as possible. This is how said software will gain following.

Thanks. I hope I am making sense.


by Vanbells asked Aug 21, 2015 in Core
by Vanbells edited Aug 21, 2015

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Certainly. It's as you say.

Example of user action:

  1. Set width ("24") to "Icon width"
  2. Add CSS definition in qa-theme/Base/qa-styles.css
    .qa-site-icon img {width:24px;}
Example of program improvement:
  1. Set default value ("24") to "Icon width" at the timing of PQA install
  2. Add CSS definition in qa-theme/Base/qa-styles.css
    .qa-site-icon img {width:24px;}
  3. Cache image to pqa_blob table, display it in 24px forcibly.
In any method, 16px image will be enlarged. But I think 1 is good. What do you think?


by webmaster answered Aug 21, 2015


I think point 1 is the best. Set default value ("24") to "Icon width" at the timing of PQA install

Also we must set default value ("24") for icon height at install time . This will prevent breaking the header if the height of the icon is more than the height of the header

Point two and 3 is also good but not preferable  so we should go with point one instead.

Thanks. I will fix it.
Update fixed the issue.
Now it is working perfectly

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