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Design Suggesstion for threads with No Replies.


For a lot of communities that deals with a lot of interactions, the probability of a first user joining the community is mostly based on his/her first impression of the community.

If the user sees a lot of threads with 0 Reply appearing in thread list, user might get discouraged from joining community as he/she might feel that the community is not interactive enough.

Will it be better if we did not show zero replies?

Say if there is not yet a reply on thread do not show the number of replies. (0 replies) in lists

Else show the number of replies

What do you think?
by Vanbells asked Oct 29, 2015 in Core

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1 Answer

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It may be that the opinion is divided. Questions that do not have the answer is highlighted. This is from a long time ago. This has the effect of prompting the answer to the user. Perhaps StackOverflow and Gideon thought that way. However, you pointed out also correct. In particular, it will happen if there is very much questioner than respondents. In this stage, I do not know which is better.


by webmaster answered Oct 30, 2015


Yes you are correct. In a pure QnA community, showing zero answers is better but in a discussion community, a lot of threads might not get replies. This threads could be announcement threads, notices, Reports etc.

May be we can make a compromise by making the feature optional.
Say in admin options under viewing, we can turn of showing zero replies or not.
Anyway this not a major issue so we can deal with it later.

Nice point. In case of PQA, it might be more better that 0 (zero) is not displayed.

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