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Infinite Ajax Scroll added

Infinite Ajax Scroll plugin added. This plugin has been modified and powered-up for PowerQA. Plugin pages will be added to admin menu automatically. IAS plugin summary and basically supported pages is here.

Powered-up points:

  • Tags page supported by default.
  • Users page supported by default.
  • Presents page of PTP plugin supported by default.
  • Bounties page of PTP plugin supported by default.
  • Notification Pro supported by default.
  • You can increase settings tab up to 20 (Default: 7 items).


by webmaster asked Oct 30, 2015 in Plugins


In testing I got the passing by reference error.
I followed this thread and applied the solution.
Issue fixed. Source was due to have been copied before a problem is pointed out from you. Thanks.

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1 Answer

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This feature has been tested and confirmed to be working perfectly

Suggesstion: Can we find a way to make it work on any page the user select as "homepage" which involve some list?
by Vanbells answered Oct 30, 2015


If that page satisfies two conditions below, you can apply IAS effect by adding new tab to IAS admin.

Condition 1: That page has pagination (page navigation). e.g. "1 2 3 >Next"
Condition 2: HTML tags of list items is coded with specific class.

Markup example:

<ul class="qa-list-items"> <== This is list items
  <li class="qa-list-item">Item1<li>
  <li class="qa-list-item">Item2<li>
  <li class="qa-list-item">Item3<li>
<div class="qa-page-links"> <== This is pagination
    <ul class="qa-page-links-list">
        <li class="qa-page-links-item">
        <span class="qa-page-selected">1</span>
        <li class="qa-page-links-item">
        <a href="./questions?start=20" class="qa-page-link">2</a>
        <li class="qa-page-links-item">
        <a href="./questions?start=40" class="qa-page-link">3</a>
        <li class="qa-page-links-item">
        <span class="qa-page-ellipsis">...</span>
        <li class="qa-page-links-item">
        <a href="./questions?start=10260" class="qa-page-link">514</a>
        <li class="qa-page-links-item">
        <a href="./questions?start=20" class="qa-page-next">next ยป</a>

Setting example:

container selector: qa-list-items
item selector: qa-list-item
pagination selector: .qa-page-links-list
next selector: .qa-page-next
okay thanks. I get it now

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