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I changed the wording of some navigational items on this site

I have changed

Unreply => Discuss

Activity => Latest

and reordered the menu items see menu above.


I believe there are 3 synonyms for Threads with no replies

1. Not Discussed => Shows that threads have not been discussed

2. Sient Threads => Shows that threads  have not received feedback or conversations

3. Discuss => tells users to discuss the thread since it has not been discussed

The term Activity means happenings so Activity link in navigation menu means happenings on the website.

In morden times, the word "Latest " better describes the hapeninings on this website more than Activity.

Other items might be changed in the future as and when they become necessary.

What to you think?

Any suggestions? on wordings used on this website?

Menu before

menu after



by Vanbells asked Nov 20, 2015 in Langs

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2 Answers

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Thanks Valbells. It's so good.

To tell the truth, in order to test role of normal administrator, I gave admin role to you. That is, I thought below option is enabled.

"Admin"> "Permissons"> "Restrict admin permissions"

But, it is off by default. And, option of this site is also off. This my mistake has produced good results that exceed my expectations. It is OK in this state. hahaha.

Thanks always.


by webmaster answered Nov 21, 2015
by webmaster edited Nov 21, 2015


I found one bug. Below option should be displayed to only SuperAdmin.
"Admin"> "Permissons"> "Restrict admin permissions"
Upper issue fixed.
Wonderful mistake

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Your proposal has been adopted as the system default. Core program has been changed.


by webmaster answered Nov 21, 2015

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Thanks very much

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