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When does the notification of new items end

I have noticed the new notification alert of new questions and users on the menu bar. Well that is a very good feature which you have there. However I was expecting if I open to view that particular page it would clear like it does on notifications. Is it  abug or its me to clear my cache on the browser?
by JackSiro asked Apr 11, 2017 in Core
by JackSiro edited Apr 11, 2017


I can not fully understand your question. If possible, explain with screen capture.
By the way, You can clear cache of your browser with F5 key.
I have updated the question with a screen capture

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This (New item count) is a part of PowerQA core. Please refer to this page. By default, it is question OR user count in the last 7 days. And, each count are cached in the database. The cached data will be refreshed when new question is posted or when user is added.


by webmaster answered Apr 11, 2017

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