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A little issue with qa-lang-main

I have noticed that powerqa adds "ed" to the the reponse word on a thread and shows it in the thread meta data in thread list.


If the response word on a thread is reply

if the thread is replied to,

It says Vanbells replyed to thread (reply+ed) instead of replied

If the response word is Respond

It says vanbells responded to the thread (respond+ed)

if the responses word is answer,

It says vanbells answered to the thread (answer + ed)

Sometimes the combinations are correct accidentally

If the response word  is "reply" and the thread has 1 reply

in the thread list, it will say 1 reply.

If the response word is respond, and the thread has 1 response

it will say 1 respond instead of 1 response


Is there any way around it?

by Vanbells asked Nov 21, 2015 in Langs


Corresponding wording in the language filter is provisional. So there may be a limit. Originally I want to change the core language files. But, that work is enormous... Um...
I wanted to change the qa-lang main from q2a wording to pqa wording since q2a was just centered around questions and answers.
When I am done, I will send my qa-lang main for you test so that we can see whether we can apply it in core
I think it's a tough job, but I look forward to your action.

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