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I have some suggestions.


There are some things that do not exist in Q2A and I would be happy if they were implemented in PowerQA.

- User profile url in ID

- receive private messages only from favorite users

- top 10 best users of the category (more best answers)

- number of flags not visible for registered users

- turn off downvotes

- User block user

- registered users can not remove best answer.

- registered users can not change the title of the questions.

- see user online/offline

- see favorite users in the user profile.

- best answers page in the user profile

- User can add a wallpaper on your profile

- Wall posts (in my Q2A site is widely used)

- voting members to choose the best answer after 15 days (if the user who asked the question no choice)

- widget last questions of the category to question pages

- add to individual badge for user profile.


Thank you for your attention.
by Steven asked Nov 26, 2015 in Plugins
by Steven edited Nov 26, 2015

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Thanks your opinion. I will comment a little. At first, unfortunately, wall feature was removed completely in PowerQA. Refer to my comment for reasons.
Your opinion is valuable. But, PowerQA is developed as a commercial system. Therefore, important features (development priority) is different from the free program.
Thanks again.

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