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gurjyot singh
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Increase character set limit from 8000 to 16000

Many times my users have complained that they get this message due to long answers. So I have to change it in core manually. But why not to increase it in core because many professional websites would be facing same problem like me.
by gurjyot singh asked Aug 24, 2015 in Core


Good suggestion. I also have the same experience. In particular, it seems to occur when we copied a complex HTML. Program changes is easy. But, to do this, database changes is also required. I worry about character size limitations and MySQL performance of innoDB.

Limit of textarea is 32,767 bytes (OK).
Limit of varchar is 65,535 bytes / 21,845 UTF-character (OK).


Do you have a reliable information?
Sorry sama but I am not the guy with much knowledge about coding. I can tell you different ways to promote your software but this coding part you have to figure out on your own. I hope you understand.
Do not worry. My word of "you" means everyone (e.g. Vanbells , etc). Gideon is a database specialist. So, there is surely why he was limited to 8000. I want to know it.
There have a been a debate about this issue on q2a

I believe Gideon used varchar for performance reasons.

The logical way to increase the the character length is by changing  from VARCHAR to text (longtext, medium text etc). Text takes a long time especially during an update query compared to varchar. So I believe maybe we can run some bench marks?

I still dont know why he chose 8000 though. He might have a very good reason for that or maybe it was a random figure but we can run some tests with varying figures.

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