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In Q2A V1.8, the feature of formating number seems to be added. Conversion seems to have been done on the server side (PHP). This feature is necessary to change many sources. And, probably, it would also be necessary of changing many plugin sources. This is a simple feature about user interface. I do not want to change program sources drastically for that.

We should realize this feature with jQuery and Numeral.js on the client side ?

What do you think about this?


by webmaster asked Dec 22, 2015 in Core
by webmaster edited Dec 22, 2015

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1 Answer

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This feature supported. Processing method and reformat item is different from the Q2A.

Please check it by clearing cache of your browser.

Purpose of this feature

  • To conserve display area
  • Customize display format

Processing method

jQuery and Numeral.js

You can customize item and format in qa-content/qa-page.js

Formatted items:

  • Vote count (on question list,  question page): Format: '0a'
  • Viewing count (on question list,  question page): Format: '0a'
  • Answer count (on question list,  question page): Format: '0a'
  • User points (on header bar, question list,  question page): Format: '0a'
  • Question count on category list on side bar: Format: '0a'

Items other than the above will not be reformatted.


by webmaster answered Dec 28, 2015
by webmaster edited Dec 28, 2015


This feature has been tested and confirmed working
Thanks Vanbells.

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