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We're looking for sales team (partner)

In Japan, several companies (included person) have already started selling PowerQA with relationships like B2B / B2C / C2B from last December. Customer reaction and needs is really good. Many companies have started the operation of PowerQA from January.


  • You must become a member of sales team (partner).
  • Use PowerQA during more than one month on your intranet or internet actually
    Note: When you did not payed to the development team during a specific period, you will lose the qualification of sales partners and download lisence.


  • Introduce PowerQA to your friends and companies
  • Contract with your customers
  • Install / upgrade / initial settings / customize system for your customers
  • Customer support
    Note: PQA development team will support technically, but do not contact directly with your customer.


  • If you have contract monthly service, you will get a part of monthly revenue.
  • If you have sell with on-premises style, you'll get a part of the selling price.
  • If you have a maintenance contract, you'll get a part of maintenance fee.
    Note: The standard price has not been yet determined. They will be determined by the sales team.

Sales method:

  • You can sell PowerQA in your own brand and pricing with Rebranding.
  • You might sell hardware (server) and software together as SaaS, PaaS.
  • You might sell it to install the software on the customer's server as on-premises service

Sales trends:

  • Build closed site to share knowledge of employees as one of the company's intranet services by private site plugin
  • Build open site to induce customers to their site as a part of existing site. In this case, PowerQA seem to be used in the description of their products like FAQ.

By offering customers good service, let's become happy together!


by webmaster asked Jan 26, 2016 in Others

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Its nice to see that you are calling for a team...

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Hi I want to buy this software Turkey.
by Kilicaslan answered Apr 8, 2019


Sorry. This system supports only English and Japanese.
webmaster If you can make this system only supports Turkish as a file, you can desteky in the field of software regardless of turkey to help us.

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