PowerQA has evolved in a way to overcome the weaknesses of Question2Answer. It is not additional mere themes and plugins. Core programs are reviewed from the base, has been improved.


PowerQA Q2A
Development base Bitbucket (Private) Github (Public)
License GPLV2 or later
Web server Apache or Nginx
Language (PHP) 5.2 or later (with MySQLi), PHP7
Database (MySQL) 4.1 or later, 5.x
Javascript (jQuery) 2.1.4 1.11.3
Encoding UTF8
Developper Few Few
Development speed Fast Slow
Network install
Network update
Migration (Q2A to PQA) (PQA to Q2A)
Download Not free Free


Feature PowerQA Q2A
System configuration
Database table prefix
Large data (DB or File) (DB or File)
Request mapping
HTML compression
Query optimization
Persistant connection
Debug performance
External user (Removed)
Safe mode
Cache (Offline, Widget)
CSS / JS minify
Dirty forms
Auto Media embed
Media popup
Shortcode (User, Thread, Widget, etc)
htmLawed 1.2 Beta 8 (HTML5 supported) 1.1.20
Multi language
Phrase customization
Admin (General)
Sub title
Theme base (HTML5 & Selectable) (HTML5 & Fixed)
Credit (Changable in admin panel) (Hard coded)
Others same
Admin (Mail)
PHP Mailer
Others same
Admin (User)
Private message
Public message (Wall) (Removed)
Gravatar maximum Rating
Default Gravatar
Force Gravatar default
Avatar size on user navi (30)
Avatar size on top users page 45 30
Avatar size on post (50)
Avatar size on question lists 20 0
Extra field ((Q2A) + Checkbox, Dropdown, Radio and EVAL) (Text, TextArea, URL)
Others same
Admin (Layout)
Site icon
Reorder user menu
Reorder main menu
Reorder footer menu
Reorder thread menu
Hide side panel
Others same
Admin (Posting)
WYSIWYG Editor (Advanced CKEditor) (CKEditor)
Minimum length of answer 0 12
Minimum length of comment 0 12
Check for similar questions when asking ON OFF
Others same
Admin (Viewing)
Show view count in thread lists ON OFF
Show view count on thread pages ON OFF
Show zero answer
Minify HTML
Minify CSS
Minify JS
Enable cache
Others same
Admin (List)
Admin (Category)
Admin (Permission)
Restrict admin permissions
Others same
Admin (Pages)
All activity ON OFF
Categories ON OFF
Others same
Admin (Feeds)
Admin (Points)
Multiply all points 1 (same as StackOverflow) 10
Add for all users 1 (same as StackOverflow) 100
Others same
Admin (Spam)
All new users must confirm their email ON OFF
Use captcha on feedback form
Use captcha module on feedback form
Use moderation for users with less than:points 6 150
Enable rate limits
Others same
Admin (Stats)
Network update
Others same
Admin (Mailing)
Admin (Plugins)
Plugin switch
Others same
Database performance (Tuned)
Blob performance (Tuned)
Inline style in core codes (Most improved) (Many)
Minify Javascript
Optimize user menu
Optimize admin menu
Search (Q2A) + AND OR
Tags pages (Q2A) + Name Popular tags
Users pages (Q2A) + Name + Old + New Top users, Special, Blocked
Range Filter
Role badge
Remove EXIF


PowerQA Q2A
Base (LESS, SASS, Responsive, Bootstrap)
Candy (Removed)
Classic (Removed)
Snow (Removed)
SnowFlat (Removed)
Third party themes (Not allowed)


PowerQA Q2A
Activity Count Widget (Independ)
XML Sitemap (Independ and advanced)
Ask Box (Independ and advanced)
Base Theme Color Changer
Basic Adsense same
Database Manager Pro
Event Logger same
Example Page same
Extra Question Field
Facebook Login (Improved)
Flex Menu
Online Help
Infinite Ajax Scroll
Lang Filter
Mouseover Layer (Advanced)
Notification Pro
Offline Cache
Open Search Support same
Point Trade Pro
Post Type
Private Site
Question Followers Widget
Recaptcha Captcha (Improved)
Related QS same
Tag Clowd Widget (Advanced)
Tag Followers Widget
Tag Search Widget
User Followers Widget
User Limit
User Search Widget
Very Simple Bot Protection
Widget Maker
Yahoo Morphological analysis


PowerQA Q2A