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[Feature for V1.1] Section (Group) and Position (Role)

This is a request from my client.

In the company, workers will be grouped in sections. And, workers have position (role) in the section. The company must have threads that has been limited to the specific section or specific role.

For example ...


  • UserA: CEO
  • UserB: Manager of section1
  • UserC: Staff of section1
  • UserD: Manager of section2
  • UserE: Staff of section2


  • Overall discussion: UserA, UserB, UserC, UserD, UserE
  • Discussion of executive : UserA, UserB, UserD
  • Discussion of manager: UserB, UserD
  • Discussion in section1: UserB, UserC

I'm thinking of adding "Section (Group)" and "Position (Role)" feature in PQA V1.1. "Section (Group)" and "Position (Role)" can be set with "Extra User Field" feature in PQA. However, this feature is necessary to change basic search query, PQA core will be modified. By preparing a plurality of databases, there is a method to manage users in one table. However, this method can not be used in complex configurations.

Do you have any good idea?


by webmaster asked Jan 27, 2016 in Core

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1 Answer

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Groups are one way of acheiving this issue but what i thinki is this.

In PQA, we already have user roles which are;




Registered User

We can expand and abstract existing user roles in this way.

If after company A buys PQA and installs it,

The site Admin then navigate Admin --> Users --> User Role

Now there are two types of main PQA users

Site Administrators --> These are the IT people in a company that will install PQA and manage it

Company Managers ---> These are the leaders in a company that manages the company.

We can then design PQA user roles as follows;

1. Site Admin

Role = Current site admin

2. Site Moderator

Role = Current site Moderator

3. Company Leader A (CEO)

Role = Role Assigned by Site Admin

4 . Section Leader B

Role = Assign leader to Category A or department A

5. Ability to change default user (Registered User) to any name example (Employee)

6. Ability to change the category to any name example Department, Sections etc

By this design, Every one regsiters as default user and roles are assigned afterwards.

Now who sees what?

There is a plugin called expert questions by NOAHY

We can extend this plugin and add ability to change category to any name example in a company, we can have category name changed to departments.

if user A belongs to category or department A,

after logging in, only show threads from category or department A.

if user B is leader of department A, give user A moderator buttons and all threads from department A or category A

If user C = CEO or Manager etc, allow him/her access to all categories

Show all threads from Department or Section Managers.

How to automatically assign users to sections or departments?

Add new field in registration form (optional and turned off by default since some communities will not need it)


If user A is assinged to category or department A,

return all searches from department A for all keywords

so the first query to run in a search is type of user category or department.


I hope my idea is clear?

by Vanbells answered Jan 28, 2016


It is good. However, User role of PQA (Q2A) is related to permission of features. When we use existing role in order to grouping contents, operational confusion will be occur. And, if we use category for another purpose, it becomes impossible to use the category in the original purpose.

And, organization hierarchy is similar to the category hierarchy.



"Expert questions" by NOAHY would be helpful for searching questions.

Anyway, to realize this feature, it is certain that require precise design. I try to think more.

Yes I understand your concerns and you are right.
What we basically need is a user structure like the current category system.
Why dont we we try and design something like the current category system but for users? We can call it Access Control or anything.
The issue left is how to automatically classify a user under a section?
All threads will then have access or section type x,y,z,a,c etc and category id.
So user A from section A of section type x will see all threads of section type x

We have to think more about it though

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