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Development plan and status for V1.8.1 ~

New planned feature

PowerQA Analytics plugin

  1. Auto embed tracking code for Google Analytics
  2. Show access reports with Google Analytics API
  3. Show detailed site data with chart.js

Transplant feature

PowerQA Badge plugin

This will be remaked from the beginning with reference to the Q2A badge plugin. Since performance of badge plugin is bad, it must be improved.


  1. Add thanks button to inline buttons. (2016/10/28 added)
  2. Add default range of top users page on admin panel. (2016/11/02 added)
  3. Improvement of categories page (2016/11/07 fixed)
  4. Download users with CSV (Demand of my customer) (2016/11/09 added)

Reference information


by webmaster asked Oct 26, 2016 in Core
by webmaster edited Nov 9, 2016

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good plan, keep it up!

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