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PowerQA is full tuned (packed) product for commercial use. It has been sold in Japan from January as SaaS services. Already it has been used in many companies and organizations. Unfortunately, since still there are no sales partners overseas, it has not yet been sold outside of Japan. Thank you for your understanding.


by webmaster answered Feb 19, 2016



I understand you. But could you please do me a favor and help me to download the following plugin that you did for q2a script?

Update Plugin: My Followers Page (V1.2.2)

I tried to download it however it doesn't exist as you are developing other script.

I still use your other followers widgets.

Thank you
My Q2A development was finished at last year. My Q2A parts are no longer maintenance. If my parts does not work properly in the updated core and themes, you will say claims. It would be unhappy for you. So, I stopped to deliver the parts. Originally, free program is not guaranteed. Q2A core is the same. This is the result of discussion with Q2A founder (Gideon).

Thank you for your understanding.

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