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Do you think this modification is needed?

There is no description about vulnerability in Scott post. Therefore, I can not understand the need for this change.

Is it really this is necessary? ? ?


by webmaster asked Mar 17, 2016 in Core

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According to Scott, the following were fixed in 1.7.4

Admin security fix and other minor improvements, 14th March 2016.
  • Various minor fixes to SnowFlat theme. ----> not applicable to pqa
  • Support Wordpress database port. -----> not a major upgrade
  • Disable SSL checks in email if SMTP security is disabled. ------> not a major fix
  • Only allow admins to check plugin versions. -------> Major security fix for 1. 6.xxxxx
Point four is a major security fix for q2a 1.6.xx and a minor change for 1.7.xx
We can include the upgrade in PQA 1.1.x

by Vanbells answered Mar 17, 2016

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I saw also history. In addition, I was also confirmed change in the program. However, I feel change is un-necessary.

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