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[New feature] Widget Maker

Widget Maker (WM) plugin added.

This plugin was developed from scratch. It is similar with Widget Anywhere (WA) for Q2A. But,  processing methods and features have been significantly enhanced.

Basic archtecture:

  • You can make multiple widgets in this plugin as well as WA.
  • Widgets that you have created will be registered to the PowerQA core.
  • Widgets that you have created will be controlled (Add, Edit, Remove, Change region, Change template) by "admin" > "Layout" > "Widget" of PowerQA core.


  • Unnecessary dedicated table
  • CSS and Javascript for widget
  • Limitation of region and template
  • Cache feature supported
  • Shortcode API supported


General options

Item options

Layout option of PowerQA core

Add widget

Add shortcode to Private site plugin:

Output (by Private site plugin & Shortcode API): > Click !


by webmaster asked Apr 5, 2016 in Plugins

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