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Can we have a better theme which is responsive?

Having a responsive theme is must in this year. Even Google decrease the search results of a site in mobile devices which is not responsive. And the way competition is going high theses days, we can't afford to miss even one single view.

So having a responsive theme is must.
by gurjyot singh asked Aug 19, 2015 in Themes
by gurjyot singh edited Aug 19, 2015

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2 Answers

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Good question. Let's make and publish Responsive theme for PowerQA. And, we got a free development environment. Therefore, we will be able to do more free (advanced) thinking. For example, mobile (iPhone, Android, etc) application, dedicated theme for mobile devices. No longer you need to be tied to Q2A development style.


by webmaster answered Aug 19, 2015

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Well that's nice, so it would be good if you can make a theme demo site which is updated everyday (during theme development period only). That way users will be able to tell what they like and what they don't and a much effective theme will finally come out.

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