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Brain storming about PowerQA Analytics

Current status

There is only plugin that embeds tracking code in Q2A. This plugin is so simple.

Main features

  • Two major features. Google analitics and Site history(statistics).
  • Google tracking code is embed in all of pages.
  • Only administrators can confirm analysis data on the site.
  • Site analysis data will be shown on the dashboard as a widget block.
  • Question analysis data will be shown on the each question page as a sidebar widget.


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by webmaster asked Nov 10, 2016 in Plugins


Is this feature only seen by admin user, right?

This looks good feature, admin can see how is traffic coming.
Yes. Only administrator can see widget. But a ... I'm thinking another feature now. It is New WordPress (Drupal / Joomla) Integration related FAQ. I think this has higher priority.
Ok, that is also good

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