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Brain storming about PowerQA FAQ

Current status of Q2A

There is only plugin by NoahY. Since this plugin is used for Q2A site itself, it does not use data in the QA site. FAQ items are edited on the admin panel. Probably, this plugin will be often used as a usage helper about Q2A and QA sites.


It is quite different from existing plugin. Briefly, PowerQA owner can use it as FAQ manufacturer or provider for own portal site.

  • FAQ items will be created by using QA data in the PowerQA site
  • Moderators can mark specific question as FAQ
  • Moderators can edit Question sentense of FAQ item (Default is question title)
  • Moderators can edit Answer sentense of FAQ item (Default is best answer)
  • Moderators can re-order FAQ items
  • PowerQA users can see categorised FAQ items in FAQ page.
  • FAQ items will be linked to the specific question page as "More..." (Option).
  • PowerQA users can download categorised FAQ items in FAQ page as PDF.
  • Administrator can embed FAQ items to any place with shortcode.
  • [Important] FAQ data will be delivered via RSS.
  • [Important] External site (eg WordPress) can extract FAQ items with External feature or RSS.

Useful information for development

Implementation method

  1. Develop as a part of core ?
  2. Develop as a new plugin ?


by webmaster asked Nov 11, 2016 in Plugins

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good points list. I feel it should be part of core, because every QA may need this.

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