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PQA Analytics - Suggestion for Future Versions


PQA is great already and I am happy with that.

But there is a feature that we must equip PQA with for business and community growth.

This feature is called analytics for PQA

Google analytics is great but it cannot really replace a custom PQA analytics.

We need analytics plugin to answer simple questions like this

1. How many Questions/Discussions/Threads/ are started every

a. X minutes?

b. X hours?

c X days?

d. X weeks?

e. X months?

c. X years?

2. How many users registers in every

a. X minutes?

b. X hours?

c. X days?

d. X weeks?

d X months?

3. How many views did a thread, discussion, question get in every

a. x hours?

b. X days?

c X weeks?

d. x months

4.What is the most popular tag/question/thread per time? ( most popular tag in  say a certain month/week/day/hour/minute)?

a. x hours?

b. X days?

c X weeks?

d. x months

5. All users who last logged in

a. X minutes ago,

b. X days ago,

c. X weeks ago,

d X months ago

e. X years ago? ( can we delete such people or send them an email?)


Please if anyne has more to add please comment or reply to this thread

I will keep unpdating this thread Utill we know all analytics question

P.S: I understand this feature is very difficult to accomplish but business wise, it is one of the best feature any business would want to foster growth and increase profit.



by Vanbells asked Nov 2, 2015 in Plugins

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2 Answers

gurjyot singh
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You have raised a nice question. Sometime back I also asked for completely new stats page with some decent updates. Although many liked the idea but no one actually came forward to do it. Let's hope someone does it in PQA.

  1. Total Unanswered Questions
  2. Total Unanswered Questions in a particular category
  3. Total number of tags (so that we can use some plugins to control extra tags)
  4. Total number of users with email unconfirmed
  5. A link to the page where all users in "point 4" are listed
  6. A Graph to show number of questions per day, week, month, year
  7. A Graph to show number of answers per day, week, month, year
  8. A Graph to show number of user registrations per day, week, month, year
  9. Total number of users who showed activity current day
  10. A Graph for user in "point 9" per day, week, month, year

These things are very essential to run a good community. We should be able to tally our growth with the graphs so that we can focus on the exact spot which needs most concentration.

These are the things which I think should be in stats page. What do you think about.

by gurjyot singh answered Nov 3, 2015


I like Your idea of a PQA analytics!
All the points you raised are extremely good.
I am waiting for some days to gather additional response.
After Five days, all suggestions will be made into a report and submitted for version 1.1
Analytic have been approved and added to PQA future versions see

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Good suggestion. Our client will use the PQA in the company. Employees will participate in this system. Company manager will reflect employee's activity to there bonus. In other words, employees who contribute to the company knowledge get a lot of bonus. Detailed user activity stats in certain period will help in this decision of manager. So I want to use the development power to the user's statistics.

Modified place:
And, "activity-count" plugin


by webmaster answered Nov 3, 2015

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Yes this is really a must have feature.
It will really help in taking decisions about the community and measuring the performance of the community right down to the user level.
There is currently No known community script with this feature.
This will make PQA take the lead in community software

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