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Is this PowerQA any different from QA at Askive?

Is this PowerQA any different from the QA you have at
by JackSiro asked Mar 29, 2017 in Core

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Askive: Original theme and various plugins were added based on Q2A core.

PowerQA: It forked from Q2A V1.7.1. The core feature completely surpasses Q2A. The difference from Q2A is here (These are some examples. There are other differences).


by webmaster answered Mar 31, 2017


Looks like you never understood my question @webmaster. Its like you are comparing PowerQA with Q2A. Please compare PowerQA and Askive briefly if you can. Anyway thanks for your answer. I had already read that documentation before asking this question
Askive will look quite different from Q2A. It is due to the difference in the theme. However, basically the core of Askive is the same as the core of Q2A. And, various plugins are also added.

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