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Compatibility test for q2a breadcrumbs plugin

q2a breadcrumbs plugin has been  tested and it works out of the box with pqa.

This plugin is good  for navigation and SEO.


by Vanbells asked Aug 28, 2015 in Plugins

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Thanks Vanbells. It is OK that function moves correctly. But, we will need to consider two points.

  1. Problem of display position
  2. Merge to the PQA core

Note: At first, I made this feature in my theme. He made it with my idea. Although it is small things, many users do not know it.


by webmaster answered Aug 28, 2015
by webmaster edited Aug 28, 2015

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Yes this function is very basic and therefore should be in  core.

Also about the  display position, breadcrumbs are mostly below navigational menus.

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