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PowerQA will support high traffic?


Q2A is very good, but unfortunately has problems with high traffic.

If PowerQA manage to get good performance with high traffic would be great!
by Jonatan asked Feb 10, 2016 in Core

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Basically, PowerQA core is same with Q2A. Absolute performance will not change much. But, PowerQA has the cache features below.

Performance for the visitor is better than Q2A. And, since the CPU power is not consumed for viewing visitors, performance for the registered users will be well relatively. However, in a high traffic site, performance will be insufficient. In that case, I will address in the hardware configuration. I will separate web server, database server, and mail server. In addition, I will run multiple web servers in the load balancer.

There is a limit to the measures taken by the software. If you want to up the performance significantly, hardware load balancing will be the key.


by webmaster answered Feb 11, 2016
by Jonatan selected Feb 11, 2016

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And, refer to here.
Configuration of the source files of PowerQA core is the same as the Q2A V1.6.3. Because there are a lot of wrapper source in Q2A V1.7, large number of programs to be loaded. This means that the PHP parser do a lot of disk access.

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