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Can the posts of Q2A Blog tool plugin be converted in PQA posts?

I own a blog tool plugin of Q2A by But the development of Q2A worries me so I need to switch. But I already have many posts under this plugin which I need to be converted in PQA posts.

How can that be done? If anyone needs the plugin then I can provide it to workout.
by liana asked Nov 7, 2015 in Core

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Unfortunately, the development of Q2A is already dead in fact, I understand well your anxiety.

I do not have used blog tool plugin. So, I can not answer at the moment accurately. However, there is a simple plugin called "Post Type" in the PQA. You might be able to import the blog contents with automated tool, such as selenium by exporting your database.

PQA has been developed as a commercial system. A lot of my commercial parts are included as standard. And, its feature and performance will far surpass Q2A. Therefore, it will be costly product for hobby users. But, if you are operating community site in earnest, it might not be a big problem.


by webmaster answered Nov 7, 2015

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