Position of “Admin” menu

“Admin” menu was moved to user menu. This is a permanent change.


Sub title

This is subtitle of your site. By default, it will be displayed next to the title and logo. In the case of blank, it will not be displayed.


Site theme base

You can choose HTML mark up program. By default, it is “base“. It points to the qa-include/qa-theme-base.php. In Question2Answer, you can override any functions inner theme layer class. However, in the case of making new theme, you want to mark up from the beginning. In addition, overriding many functions worse the performance of your site. Please imagine that you make a new theme that corresponds to the Bootstrap. In this case, you would override almost layer functions. This is inefficient. Theme corresponding to many CSS frameworks would be born by this feature. It may be Bootstrap, PureCSS, Web Start Kit, foundation, SkyBlue CSS.

Site theme

Default theme is “Base”. Themes other than “Base” will not be bundled.

Site theme for mobiles

Label was changed from “Theme for mobiles” to “Site theme for mobiles”. Default theme is “Base”.


You can change credit of your site footer. This feature is usefull when you provide this system to your friends in another brand. In addition, this label is indication of our and your pride. However, if you worry about cracking, we recommend changing it.