This is default theme of PowerQA.


Base theme has 9 color variations (LightGray, LightCyan, LightBlue, LightIndigo, LightOrange, LightPink, LightTeal, DarkCyan and custom for you). Theme CSS is generated with LESS / SASS. Therefore, you can make a theme that fits your site immediately. In addition, Bootstrap is mixed in base theme.




Base folder

  • metadata.json: Meta data of this theme
  • qa-theme.php: Layer source of this theme
  • qa-styles.css: CSS file of this theme
  • qa-style.js: JSĀ file of this theme

addon folder

Additional parts related this theme.

images folder

Images related this theme.

source folder

Source files of LESS / SASS related this theme.

less / sass folder

  • koala-config.json: Configuration file of Koara
  • qa-styles.less / qa-styles.sass: CSS source file of this theme
  • qa-variables.less / qa-variables.sass: Variable definitions of this theme
  • qa-material-ui.less / qa-material-ui.sass: Color definitions of this theme
  • Other folders: Sub themes of this theme (“custom” is for you)


We recommend using of Koara as LESS / SASS compiler.

  1. Download Koara
  2. Start Koara
  3. Drag and drop “less” and “sass” folder
  4. Select any sub theme, and click “Compile” button
  5. qa-styles.css will be generated under “Base” folder.
  6. Upload generated qa-styles.css into “Base” folder of your server.