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Development plan (Relationship of version and features)

Version 1.0

Residual features

  1. Notification Pro    [2015/11/21 complete!]
  2. Shortcode API  [2015/11/26 Perser complete]
  3. Random Users Widget  [2015/11/28 developed as users shortcode]
  4. Private (Closed) site  [2015/11/28 Done!]
  5. Performance optimizer (Offline cache, HTML compression, JS/CSS minify included)

Version 1.1 or later

Core features

  1. Delete My Account
  2. Contact page
  3. Analytics
  4. Page Collector
  6. Home (Index) page generator (2016 10/28 Added as this and this)
  7. Code Editor

Base theme features

  1. Profile Image
  2. Popup User Card

Plugins (Binding of my existing plugins)

  1. CKEditor4 admin
  2. Edit Avatar
  3. Google CSE
  4. Badge (Improved version by ASKIVE)
  5. Category Navigation Pro (2016 11/07 Added as this)
  6. Jquery Count Down
  7. Mass Mailing Pro
  8. Feed Reader Pro
  9. Banner Pro
  10. Syntaxhighlighter


by webmaster asked Nov 1, 2015 in Others
by webmaster edited Nov 28, 2015


Hint of new theme.
I have commercial license of his theme. I am paying attention to "Glass" design for data center and call center. Try to use Gear icon on top-right. And, there will be UI hints of Analytics.
What a lovely design
I think the analytic design is really cool
Something of that sort will be really great.
Thanks for the hint
Following this thread
Can we make the "start a thread button" appear on mobile so that it will be easily accessible?
It has already been planned. However, it may become a different style.
Okay then no problem

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1 Answer

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Clear development plan that version 1.0 was completed when it is available
by islamafify answered Jan 1, 2016

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Welcome to PowerQA. PowerQA is a new discussion software (not OSS). Here is a community for PowerQA developers. Current stable version is V1.9.4. It is enhanced day by day.


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