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Personally I dont like inline style especially in core.

Assuming people would like to edit their css, inlining some css in core will raise the barrier to people who can customize their site look since they have to edit a lot of files instead of a single css files.

If all the styles can be found in one style sheet that will be more clean I think

Also you didn't state the reason why we should consider inline css in core.

by Vanbells answered Aug 27, 2015
by Vanbells edited Aug 27, 2015


I will work to remove the inline style as much as possible.
OK thank you that will be very great

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I removed many inline style (40 places???). I'm very tired... Perhaps the core will not be fixed any more. Gideon's code is perfect, but otherwise is out.

Current remaining:


by webmaster answered Aug 28, 2015
by webmaster edited Aug 29, 2015

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