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[Proposal] Home (Index) page generator

Question2Answer has the feature of alternative home (top) page. Currently, this feature is not rarely used. However, it is important to show the index at the top page. Of course, redirection feature to the thread list when you logged in is also required. Therefore, I hope to extend this feature. This feature is also related to Private (Closed) Site plugin.

It may be possible even RSS & Simplepie. However, Short code API or REST API will be more better for this feature. And, it would also be required offline cache feature at the same time.

My imagination:

Page code:

[types orderby="label" orderdir="asc"]
[categories orderby="label" orderdir="asc"]
[tags orderby="tagcount" orderdir="desc" limit="20"]

Page output:

Frequently index page ...

When these features are completed, PowerQA would completely graduated from Question2Answer.

What do you think about it?


by webmaster asked Oct 22, 2015 in Plugins

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1 Answer

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Wow this feature will make PQA really more awesome.

What I will add is this,

1.Featured threads

2. Popular threads

3. Popular answers

4. Sites stats ;

Tottal number of threads

Total number of users

Total number of replies/comments


Assuming people would want to turn off closed site plugin,

We can give them options for custom header and footer on Homepage

options to output various widgets on homepage


Examples of site with such designs?

1. (closed site design)

2. (open site design)


5.  (closed design site)




On implementation,

Short Code Api is very user friendly while Rest API is developer friendly.

We need both. In order of priority, Short code API should first followed by Rest API

Another option is Wigetization where we build several widgets that we can select to appear on hompage. We can widgets for almost anything


by Vanbells answered Oct 23, 2015


Thanks Vanbells. These design is beautiful, but information amount and information structure is insufficient. In Japan, it favored the orthodox (simple) design. These are the major Q&A sites in Japan.
Of course, designer it would be possible to apply a beautiful design.
I prefer simple and functional design.
Asians have a very nice way of designing their sites.
Its mostly simple yet beautiful at the same time. and baidu is an example

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