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Feature suggestion:User blocking User

I say a user block another user from sending private messages or answer your questions. I see that PowerQA is beginning and I believe that this function would be very interesting and is not yet available in Q2A. Thanks
by Steven asked Oct 30, 2015 in Plugins

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This is a popular feature in a lot of social networks like Facebook, twitter, and many others.

If a user can block another user from sending private message, replying to their threads,comments etc. This will prevent community stalking and provide a level of self security. Relationships can be good sometimes and bad sometimes.
The sequence include;
1. User can block or unblock another user from;
 a. Sending private message
 b. Replying to thread
 c. Commenting on threads
d. User should give reason for blocking another user

2.Admin, moderator should be notified of such event.
 a.Reason for admin, moderator notification is to allow them to resolve conflicts    between the users.
 b.On receiving notification, admin/moderator can see why user A blocked user B.
 c. Admin/Mod can decide to resolve conflict and also see the amplitude of relations in both good times ans bad times in the community.

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