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New feature suggestion

Hi sama55,
Just thought of listing new features which you can think for pqa....
1. hidden category. Only allowed people should be able to access this. may be like expert and above should discuss some strategies for qa. etc or ability to add selected users
2.  Custom user title. admin should be able to give custom user title, like developer, testing expert etc or teacher, math expert, science expert etc.
3. Poll plugin
4. Survey plugin
5. badges plugin
6. quiz plugin
7. Redesign user profile page.may be like quora or stackoverflow
8. FAQ tab, mark some questions as faq then show those in faq tab.
9. Warn before posting if user post contains restricted words, admin should be able to add restricted words in a list.
10. Forms plugin, check, you can add subscribe by email form, show message form, contact form etc you can add more forms later.
11. blog plugin, give user point if they post something interesting..... for every post like you can give user one point.
12. find duplicate posts, admin feature
13. Accept users only based on invitations from other users of qa. admin can open qa registration for some time then restrict.
14. redesign wall, show twitter kind of messages.
15. social share question.
by ProThoughts asked May 7, 2017 in Plugins
by ProThoughts edited May 8, 2017

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1 Answer

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  1. It is realized by advanced multi site feature rather than category in PowerQA V1.1.
  2. It is an interesting plugin. However, detailed design is necessary. For example, whether to allow multiple titles for a single user, how to display them, etc.
  3. I do not know the difference from voting. What is merit of coexisting with voting?
  4. What is "Survey plugin"?
  5. I think that I also need it. However, this feature greatly degrades site performance. Q2A badge plugin has failed with that. We need to devise a performance improvement rather than a function.
  6. It may be effective in the educational scene. However, in the business scene, priority of this feature is low.
  7. Certainly it may be necessary. It is difficult because I am not a designer.
  8. That feature is under development. Its function will be not only tab but also more advanced functions.
  9. It is necessary to strictly define the meaning of "restricted words". There is same feature in Q2A. Is not that enough?
  10. It may be useful. However, the use frequency will be low.
  11. I made Post Type plugin.
  12. Explanation may be insufficient.
  13. Invitation feature reduces administrator's cost. However, it is difficult to operate. A web service in Japan has invitation feature, but it is in a state of tangible innocence.
  14. PowerQA has deleted function of public wall. The reason is that the public wall obstructs pure QA conversation.
  15. On an open site it may be valid.


by webmaster answered May 9, 2017


1. I will check this features.
2. True
3. Poll plugin is similar to but this plugin is very basic.
4. check this
5. But this plugin is required to improve user engagement.
6. It is required in business also to train new team members.
7. OK,
8. OK,
9. There are some limitations with this.
10. You can consider as a low priority.
11. will check that
12. I will provide you wordpress link for this.
13. not that one, in user panel there can be option to invite friends to join QA.
14. Noticed that
15. Ok
I understood surveymonkey. Creating and aggregating of survey forms is heavy, so I would like to consider embeding forms of free web applications to the PQA static pages. Free surveymonkey seems to function less. Google document (forms) may be good.

And, it seems interesting to embed form in any position with shortcode.

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