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how can we help ?

am web developer , i want to help , so how can i help , where is the source code ,

on github or where
by darkworks asked Jan 25, 2016 in Others

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1 Answer

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Thank you interested in this software.

PowerQA is not open source. It is developed for commercial needs. And, PowerQA has been developed in the private repository of Bitbucket. So, it is not possible to download the source code direcly. However, some users are allowed the use of this software by auto downloader (upgrader).

  • Development team members
  • Users who purchased the right to use this software

If you want to participate in the development team, please send your credit (technical) information to me.

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Your management site (Your activity base)
  • Formal (your domain's) e-mail (not free mail [e.g. Gmail, yahoo mail, etc])
  • Your career related to system development, and selling it
  • Your skills (Sales, Public relations, Document making, Translation work, System testing, Program development [PHP, HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Javascript, Ajax, etc], Web site design, etc)

These information will be reviewed. All of the people does not mean can participate. Please understand this point.

Thanks again.


by webmaster answered Jan 26, 2016


can u post email address to which i have to mail !
You can send email with private message feature.
1. Select user at users page, Or click my avatar / handle.
2. Click "send private message"

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