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[New feature] Online help

Online help feature has been equiped in PowerQA.

  • Now, help data exists on Bitbucket wiki (You can change help server).
  • Help icon is only shown in case of existing help page on help server.
  • You can define help pages for each language (For example, en, ja).
  • Help page data is cached on your web server (Default expire time: 1 day)


by webmaster asked Mar 14, 2016 in Plugins

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1 Answer

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I have been thinking about the help system.
In designing the PQA manual, I had the the help system in mind.
Most systems I came accross during my reaserch used some online server which contained their manaul.
PQA manual is based on wordpress so it there anyway we can load the individual help pages from the pqa manual maybe via rss or any other method.

The manual structure is like this              ------------> Main Server
  -------->----------->/admin         ---------> Admin Manaul Main Page
 ---------> ---------->/user           -------------> User Manaul Main Page
-----------> --------->/program     ---------> Program Manual Main page

Now assuming an admin is configuring pqa on

Each layout setting can be retrived with the url

So Online help for the layout setting (show site icon in page hearder ) can be loaded with

If we can write an rss program that can query each manual setting from to every indiviadual pqa installation help icons, the we can have a centralized and moderated help system.

Example : see image below;

What do you think of this?
This is the reason why the manual has delayed.
I was researching on a manual that can also be used as a help server.

by Vanbells answered Mar 17, 2016
by Vanbells edited Mar 17, 2016


Thanks Vanbells. I also examined many things.
1. Why not put the help data to the domain
   >> My server performance is not good. Therefore, I thought that to use Bitbucket server as help data provider.
2. The purpose of this help feature
   >> This challenge is page-by-page basis help. Probably, user interface and process method of page help and item help is different. Help data will be defined in lang file. And, it would be displayed with tooltip javascript. These thing is my next challenge.
Now I understand. You have very valid points.
I will continue structuring the manual for the future .
Your screen shot is same with my thought.

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