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Help sub system

There is no user manual in Q2A. I want help sub system.

Example of cooperation with other systems:

System structure:

  1. Help server: WordPress, etc
  2. Help client: PowerQA plugin


  1. Add "?" icon in the header
  2. When user clicked icon, help window displayed.
  3. Summary (excerpt) and "read more" link are displayed in help window.
  4. When user clicked "read more" link, detailed help displayed in another window.

System Connection:

  1. Client (PQA) requests help data to the help server (WP) with key(page URL).
  2. Server (WP) response help contents according to key (page URL) to the client (PQA).
  3. Help contents are cached in local (PQA) database.

Server side:

  • Is there WP plugin that returns specific page data in JSON format with key (In this case, it is page URL)?
  • Response data
    1. Page URL
    2. Page title
    3. Page excerpt
    4. Page content
    5. Related page URL (?)
  • In case of WP, custom field will be used as key (PQA URL)



by webmaster asked Nov 6, 2015 in Plugins

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1 Answer

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There are API Endpoints

 JSON Content Importer

I dont know if they will do the job but i will keep searching

Also we can consider Dokuwiki vs wordpress as server

There is a an open source project called yioop
The author implemented a help system in a unique way.
Maybe you might like to take a look

see his implementation

by Vanbells answered Nov 9, 2015
by Vanbells edited Nov 9, 2015

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