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Do you know excellent jQuery tooltip / popup plugin?

Ideal features:

  1. It is jQuery plugin.
  2. Trigger icon is auto inserted on HTML element with specific ID / name attribute.
    <<< I do not want to change HTML code as much as possible.
  3. Ajax supported
    <<< I do not want to degrade display performance of the page.
  4. Responsiveness (Variable width popup)
  5. Mouse over event and Click event supported
  6. Positioning (Auto positioning popup)

Best regards.


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by webmaster asked Mar 18, 2016 in Plugins

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1 Answer

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I know a few ones which are very good.
1. Tooltipster

2. Tootipsy

3. Tipsy

4. Tipso

5 Poshy Tip

All the above are very good especially number 3 and 5.
Please go through the libraries and chose the one that best fits the jobs.
I went through magnnific-popup. It seems very good too but try Tipsy first
by Vanbells answered Mar 18, 2016

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