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Next features for V1.8

I'm thinking some personalization feature for next version (V1.8). It is "My dashboard". This feature requires a lot of sub-features.

My old challenge is here. This was fundamental feature. I want to add a full-fledged dashboard feature to the PQA. Do you want the kind of dashboard? Not limited to these, I am looking for your opinion. Additional features need to help business users. Toy feature is not required.


by webmaster asked Oct 3, 2016 in Program

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Hello Sama!

I think it would be interesting to the user to view the recent activity of your "favorites" mainly friends.

I also suggest the possibility that the user has the option to choose to view only questions of some categories of interest.
by Jonatan answered Oct 4, 2016


Good suggestion. Furthermore, I want users to be able to customize their own dashboard.
Hi Sama.
You will add your widgets "favorite users" and "my followers" on the dashboard?
You would also add the questions posted by friends (favorite users).
Yeah. Now, I'm making widgets of "site" information mainly. These widgets are common of all users. After this, I will add some "personal" information widgets.

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